Thursday, October 21, 2010

this kid, looks like andy sandburg.

Stranger: 17 m USA
You: 15 f usa.
Stranger: mmm
Stranger: did we talk before?
You: i don't think so.
Stranger: ok!
You: mhmm.
Stranger: cuz the last 15 f USA i said mmm
Stranger: and then there was a server error
You: yeah i haven't talked to you before.
Stranger: cool beans hot rice
Stranger: so wasup?
You: sitting, you?
Stranger: same
You: fun.
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: i just took a shower
You: that'
Stranger: i dunno why but i always like going on omegle after i shower
Stranger: maybe its cuz im in a towel
You: oh, you bad boy.
Stranger: not that in jerking off or anything
Stranger: i swear
You: haha,
Stranger: I have put that part of my life behing be lol
Stranger: behind^^
You: wow, you have some issues.
You: do you have a facebook?
Stranger: fo sho
You: name?
Stranger: i'll link it to ya
You: okay
Stranger: hold up
You: okay.
You: wow, nice picture.
Stranger: fo sho
Stranger: that was freshman year :P
You: haha
You have disconnected.

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