Thursday, October 21, 2010

admitting it is the first step.

Stranger: hey :))
You: truth or dare.
Stranger: DARE!!!!
You: send me your facebook link/
Stranger: okay? hold on
You: okay.
You: hahahahaa, your emo.
Stranger: thanks lol i guess
Stranger: idk whats ur point lol
You: don't be sad, be happy!
You: let's see some bright colors!
Stranger: im not sad! i ammm happy thanks you very much!
You: come on, you can do it!
You: no, the first step is admitting you have a problem.
Stranger: okay dr phil :P
You: it's OPRAH to you missy.
Stranger: oh shittt im sry bahaha
You: mhmm, see now you dont get a free car.
Stranger: n im not emo btw
You: you got some punk going on.
Stranger: aw damn i needed that too! D:
Stranger: ha mayyyybeeeee
You: yes, you are. admit.
Stranger: admit that im...?
You: punk, emo, goth, scene, your choice.
Stranger: hmm well snake bites metal music and black hair i dont knowwww
Stranger: XP
You: woot! there ya go! this is being put on my blog, check it out, and have a nice day (:
You have disconnected.

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