Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl?
You: 15 female usa
Stranger: cool
Stranger: im 20/m/usa
Stranger: whats up?
You: sitting.
You: you?
Stranger: layin on my bed lol
Stranger: so kinda sitting
You: cool.
Stranger: do u have a pic
Stranger: ?
You: do you?
Stranger: yea can i see yours?
You: mhmm, hold on.
Stranger: k
You: * I deleted this picture, sorry guys*
You: yours?
Stranger: i cant see that picture.. :(
You: why not.
Stranger: im not sure..maybe cuz im not ur friend on fb
You: oh, well can i see a picture of you?
You: and then ill see if i wanna add you (:
Stranger: umm ok hold on
You: oh, ewww your gross.
Stranger: thanks..........
You: hahahaa your weird looking.
Stranger: wow
Stranger: thats mean
You: hahahhahahaaa
You have disconnected.

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