Thursday, October 21, 2010

granny is that you?

You: yo.
Stranger: hi m here horny
You: female.
Stranger: horny?
You: mhmm.
Stranger: asl?
You: 78/tranny/usa. let's get together!
Stranger: :D
You: woot woot!
Stranger: i wanna mak webcam sex. u?
You: sure, but back in my day we actually got together and made babies.
You: that was in 1923.
Stranger: hehe
Stranger: give your msn
Stranger: plz
Stranger: adding
You: hit it up, young man.
Stranger: are u online?
You: hold on ill get online, give me a second.
Stranger: ok
You: my chat's not working right now, but let me take a naughty picture for you to save.
Stranger: cool
You: i removed the picture, sorry.
You: that's me, right before i took my homemade cookies out of the oven
You: you want me big boy?
Stranger: must i look?
You: only if you wanna (;
Stranger: ok
You: well, i need to go watch my soaps, have a nice day mister. don't forget to call!

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