Thursday, October 21, 2010


You: hi.
Stranger: you suck
Stranger: fuck you and your life
Stranger: fuck fuck fuck fuck
You: jeeze calm down, somebody had a bowl of bitchflakes for breakfast.
Stranger: I have a fucking problem here
Stranger: fuck fuck fuck
You: well, calm down and tell me.
Stranger: I don't even know you
Stranger: introduce yourself bitch
You: which is why you can tell me.
You: sophie, female, usa.
You: now tell.
You: i dont need to know your name.
Stranger: you see,
Stranger: I like this one girl, and the girl likes another boy.
Stranger: fuck that boy .
Stranger: fuck fuck fuck
You: mhmm, well here's your problem. you can't call a girl a bitch, and you need to like what she likes. eventually she'll fall for you.
You: be sweet, buy her flowers. she can't resist flowers.
Stranger: I never call here a bitch
Stranger: she's my angle
You: you called me a bitch. i am a girl. thats not very manly.
Stranger: I don't know you're a girl
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: :(
You: it's okay, now. just quit bringing yourself down, get out there and learn about her!
You: ask her questions, invite her out with friends, just find ways to let her know you like her.
You: and she'll always act like she likes somebody else, just to make another jealous.
Stranger: I plan to give her a box of chocolates. it that okay ?
Stranger: is that*
You: of course! she'll love that. tell her you thought she'd like them, and you bought them especially for her.
You: dont do it infront of alot of people though.
Stranger: infront of alot of people ?
Stranger: :O
You: just talk with her alone, and then give her the present.
You: that way people dont gossip.
Stranger: thank you. you are very helpful (:
You: your welcome, anytime.
Stranger: sorry for cursing at you :(
You: it's okay, i'm used to it.
Stranger: wait, how old are you ?
You: 14. i have a boyfriend though, i've liked guys before, i'm in highschool with the drama.
You: it will work.
Stranger: I'm 15
You: that's cool.
Stranger: I'm trying to get her for like 10 months
Stranger: but everytime I ask, she said she needs time
You: tell her that you really like her, you will treat her like a gentleman, and tell her you wont ever hurt her. tell her it's completly her choice, and you will never ask her again if she says yes or no right now. but if she says no, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and there will be that one girl for you.

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