Thursday, October 21, 2010

straight outta compton.

Stranger: hi
Stranger: hello?
You: yo.
Stranger: sup
Stranger: woke up today
Stranger: at about noon
You: being white.
Stranger: just thought that i had to be in compton soon
You: straight outta compton!
Stranger: i gotta get drunk
Stranger: before the day begins
Stranger: before my mother starts bitchin
You: party party.
Stranger: about my friends
You: your mother must be fucked up bruh.
Stranger: yo mommas like a 7/11
Stranger: open every corner
You: oh, now were talking bout mamas?
You: my mom died a week ago in a fire, but thanks for reminding me.
You: i'm gonna go attempt sucide again.
You: bye. forever.

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